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Membership Categories

Regular member

$ 150

$ 110 | Member of a national mountain medicine society; please be precise in the remarks: name of society & member ID.

$ 80 | From a less developed country, for residents of countries with a GDP of $10,000 or less.

Student/Resident Member

$ 80 | Full-time student or resident in a health profession or graduate program.

Lifetime Member

$ 2,025

$ 1,065 | From a less developed country, for residents of countries with a GDP of $10,000 or less.

Complimentary Member

$ 0 | A person whose dues are waived by the president upon request by the member.

Honorary Member

$ 0 | Title given by the General Assembly on proposal by the Executive Committee to persons who give or have given important services to the Society or to the field of Mountain Medicine.

As a member you should be interested and involved in mountain medicine (doctors, paramedics registered with a national professional body, nurses, university graduates in biology, sport science, physiology etc.). The ISMM may request a CV to be reviewed by the Executive Committee as a condition of membership. Potential members who are unable to pay the dues may apply to the ISMM office via the contact form.

ISMM Google Group

As a member of the International Society of Mountain Medicine you have access to a discussion forum via Google Group.

Our Google Group forum offers easy communication with other members of our society. You can participate via e-mail response.

In this international forum you can discuss clinical questions regarding your profession and also publicize meetings and conferences.
You also have access to international expert opinions.

We are happy to provide a peer support network for mountain medicine practitioners living all across the world and in countries with few local colleagues.


ISMM Open Access Grants

Who can apply: ISMM members. Maximum three applications per author per year will be considered.

What: This funding will partially cover “open access licenses” up to 500 euro (746,65 CAD) for each article. The grant is limited to a maximum amount of 5000 euro (7466,50 CAD) per year (= 10 articles).

Which articles: The grant will be available for articles related to at least one of these topics: mountain medicine; mountain emergency medicine; expedition medicine; high altitude medicine and physiology; wilderness medicine

Which journals: The journals eligible for funding must be included in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and ranked as either Q1 or Q2

When: The application for funding must be presented after the article has been accepted by the journal but BEFORE it appears in the journal. The application must include the letter of acceptance from the journal’s editor and, at the proof stage, an acknowledgement to the ISMM funding to partially cover open access costs, must be added.


Instructions for applying are available to members in the online members area. Eligible applications will be funded in order of receipt until the total amount of 5000 euro is over. Reimbursement to members will be done quarterly.